Acquisition Partners connects business owners like you with highly qualified buyers. We keep company information confidential and we do it at no cost to the owner.

We are buy-side advisors with intimate knowledge of our client's investment criteria. Sophisticated outreach is performed to discover companies that may be in a position to establish an exit strategy.  We search for companies that fit our client's investment criteria. If there is common interest we introduce you to our qualified buyer client. Should a transaction occur as a result of our introduction, the buyer pays our finder's fee. It is not always that simple; sometimes it is necessary for us to find the right buyer for your business. 

We present an anonymous or blind overview of your company to experienced investors with growth in mind – private equity groups with expertise in establishing and implementing a strategic plan. If they show interest, we turn to you and ask if you would like an introduction.  You quietly choose which opportunities to pursue. We connect you with a capable buyer.

Your employees and their families heavily depend on you. There's no reason to disrupt operations or cause alarm in staff so that you can learn of exit opportunities. We will make every attempt to maintain confidentiality through our interactions.